Mortal Desire guild tabard
We are a semi-hardcore Alliance raiding guild.
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Guild Guidelines

    While we think of ourselves more as a family than a bunch of strangers killing internet monsters, there needs to be some clarification and some guidelines in place. Most of these guidelines have always been in place, just never written down.

    • You need to be respectful of everyone in the guild.
      ---This rule goes for everyone including officers.
      ---Obviously this isn't about the joking around we all do, this is about just general respect towards others. Part of respecting others is realizing that their time is just as important as your time.
      ---Be respectful by letting us know you may not make it to raid by either notifying someone in guild or marking yourself as "tentative" on the calendar.
      ---We don't have a penalty system in place for attendance, but we do expect you to be on for a few of the raid days each month to keep your raider rank.

    • Guild Bank:
      ---Each rank in the guild has access to the bank except for Peon. As your rank progresses, so does your access to the bank.
      ---Please only take things you need or that can help you level a profession.
      ---Do not take things from higher tabs to craft things to sell, and do not take things from any tab to sell them.

    • Promotions:
      ---Everyone starts off in the guild as either Peon (newbie) or Plebian (family/friend/alt). You then move up based on being active, contributing to gb/others, and your attitude
      ---In order to join the raider rank you need to be ready for raiding and available for our raid nights.
      ---In order to keep your raider rank or progress through the raider ranks, you need to be actively raiding each week, helping others out when not raiding, contributing to the guild bank, and having a positive attitude towards other guildies.
      ---If you are ever demoted either for your attitude or your lack of activity, you can earn your way back up the ranks over time.
      ---If you leave the guild you are more than likely not going to be welcomed back. Depending on how/why you left.

    • If you need to take a leave of absence from raiding, let one of the officers know and you will be marked as being "on break".
      ---We know everyone needs a break once in awhile, but please let us know ahead of time!

    • If you disappear for a long time without communicating with anyone or if you are continually disrespectful, you will be kicked.
      ---But if you ever rejoin WoW, you may come back to the guild, just not at your previous rank. You would be starting over again.