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Author Topic: PC & Account Security Tips  (Read 654 times)

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PC & Account Security Tips
« on: October 26, 2016, 09:46:52 PM »
Spend $6 on an authenticator or download the free mobile authenticator for your phone!!! Best money I ever spent.

Account Security Tips from Blizzard
* Never willfully share your registered email address and password. Even friends, family, and significant others can place your account at risk.
* Monitor the availability of your email address and do not post it publicly.
* Complete operating system, web browser, and software (antivirus, anti-spyware, and Adobe) updates as they become available.
* Run antivirus and anti-spyware scans weekly with the World of Warcraft launcher open.
* Activate your browser's built-in phishing filter.
* Select a secure password and change it periodically. Do not use the same login for WoW as you do on WoW related websites. Use a unique password.

* Be aware of "phishing" emails and websites, and do not to respond to any invalid requests. Remember that a Blizzard Employee will never ask for your password.

Computer Security

* Always make sure you have a firewall running. Windows comes with a built-in firewall but you could use other firewalls instead. You can only use ONE firewall; you must uninstall one before installing a new one.
o ZoneAlarm
o Norton's (I recommend)
o Trend Micro (I recommend)

* Make sure you also have anti-virus and anti-spyware protection. Use the program to regularly scan your computer for malware on your computer -- you can either do manual scans or set it to scan at times you normally aren't doing anything. Some firewall programs come with built-in anti-virus and anti-spyware protection. Windows comes with a built-in anti-spyware program you could use. You can use multiple scanners and should, because some programs don't detect things that other scanners pick up.
o Kapersky
o The Cleaner
o Trojan Remover (I recommend)
o Avast
o Microsoft Security Essentials
o Norton Anti-virus
o Spybot Search & Destroy (I recommend)

Make sure you have an adblocker setup for whichever browser you use. While some sites might not be corrupted, bad websites tend to buy adspace and then put malicious code in them. This is why you need to block ads. Plus ads are annoying anyways.
--IE comes with one built-in that you have to adjust settings for under Tools.
--Firefox has an extension you have to download (Tools > Addons) called Adblock Plus here:
--Chrome also has an extension (Tools > Extensions) called Adblock Plus here:
--Opera comes with a built-in one that you have to adjust in the settings.